Why Richard Dawkins struggles to vilify the matador

Dawkins Vilifying The Matador

Perhaps this explains his failure to vilify the matador?

Reset Cricket

Inspired by more speculation (yes I know this is a rich comment coming from me) about the future and format of Twenty20 cricket to be played in England I’ve paid homage to XKCd’s “Reset” cartoon.

Only 54 days until the start of the championship season. Can we get on with watching and talking about actual cricket please?

Reset Cricket

The biggest threat to cricket and, in fact, Twitter today

You know what? It’s fine that you have been paid to promote like Breathe Sport, I use selective Tweets to post tweets to Facebook. I just don’t do it all the time and I don’t use such an annoying auto script as “see reaction at http://brths/bollocks/” it doesn’t even scan right. It should be “see the reaction at,” it should be less obtrusive and why on god’s green earth would I want to see the reaction to Michael Vaughan’s latest article aimed at promoting an ISM cricketer to play for England?


Post Script:

They don’t even offer a flight over the beautiful Rutland countryside: