The – A review

Quick question? Can you name the teams for The Hundred that is due to take place in 2020 and whose draft is taking place over the next few weeks?

If you are looking for the team names on then good luck. The nearest you come to is the “Where is The Hundred” page and that still doesn’t tell you the team names.

It turns out these are being released today:

Fortunately Jimmy Wales’ team is on the job: So the team names for The Hundred are:

Manchester Originals
Northern Superchargers
Birmingham Phoenix
Trent Rockets
Western Fire
London Spirit
Oval Invincibles
Southern Brave


That only needed us to go to another website to find out. So we’re off to a good start.

The Draft

For a competition that is featuring a draft so prominently (and I think this is a good way to to generate interest and fan engagement if it is done properly)

The Draft for the Mens and Womens competitions will see all 8 teams making their picks in September and October. Is this linked to in the navigation menu?

No. You have to scroll through the news items.

As an aside. If you search for “The Hundred” on the ECB’s website, you can find the Player and Coach privacy policy for the competition:

Well done for also highlighting that some of the greatest players in a sport that has a player draft can often be selected very low down in the process.


I’m not sure selling the fact that Tom Brady was the 199th pick in a draft that won’t have that many selections is a great idea though.

Oh and today’s the announcement of the full details of the:



and it’s not being live-streamed or blogged on the site?


I want The Hundred to succeed as the ECB have invested so much in its success. I just think it could be doing this better.


But what do I know?