I can’t believe it’s not ownership – or the curious tale of HIghland TItles selling

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Any good lawyer will be very aware of the areas they know and of the areas they don’t.  If you were to ask me a question about employment law I’d shrug my shoulders, give you the phone numbers of some firms or colleagues and hope you’d be well served by them. One area I do know fairly well though is Scottish property law and conveyancing. This lies at the heart of what I do. And when people play fast and loose with it I get concerned, particularly when those playing fast and loose with it are charging people money.

The other morning I was on twitter and saw a tweet from a twitter user called Highland Titles:

“Buy land in Scotland & you may style yourself as Lord or Lady of Glencoe! From £29.99.”

NOw this raises immediate suspicions. and so I visited the website which was linked to from…

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