Clarity is always a casualty

If you search for “black teen shot by police” on Google you get 23,000 results.

Screenshot 2014-11-25 22.53.31

The search term “white teen shot by police” does indeed return fewer hits than “black teen shot by police.” It returns 22,400 compared to 23,000.

Screenshot 2014-11-25 22.52.57



3 thoughts on “Clarity is always a casualty

  1. If you don’t know already google will return different search result for different people depending on where you are located and probably a bunch of different factors. But usually the results don’t differ so drastically from 7 results vs 22,400. However you are using the UK version of Google whereas the original twitter user who posted this image I imagine was using the US version. Even a few days later after presumably more discussion on the topic, the query “white teen shot by police” only returns 16 results for me here in the US.

    1. It will return results in a different order according to relevancy, but is still powered by the same engine as is it not?

      1. Google will return different results not necessarily just results in a different order. All I can say is that I have done the search in the US and the results are similar as the original tweet. I have no incentive to see the results come up one way or another and I assume the same can be said of the original tweeter.

        I went to and indeed both searches have thousands of results, black with 21,700 and white with 19,000. So that is interesting, not sure why the results differ so drastically. However not sure if you have a way of visiting the US version of google from where you are but if you do, try the search. I’d be curious to see what results you get.

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