BREAKING: Daily Mail Journalists seen at County Cricket Game

Tottenham Hotspur FC are reeling tonight after it transpired that cricket journalists from SPORTSMAIL cheated on them to cover a championship match


Tottenham are said to be reviewing their relationship with the SPORTSMAIL cricket writers following the shocking revelations that they were covering a cricket match at Chelmsford when they knew full well that news organsation is contractually obliged not to send its senior cricket writers to a county championship “whenever Spurs or Manchester City playing somewhere.”


“This is a betrayal of journalistic principles” said a spokesman for the North London club. “Everybody knows that the Daily Mail couldn’t give two flying figs about a professional cricket match featuring 5 test cricketers that decided who won the 2nd division of the county championship.” They went on further to say “We understand the need sometimes to write lengthy pieces asking questions about Kevin Pietersen and pressuring the government to tear up civil liberties so that we can convict anybody we like in our editorial pieces and then have Richard Littlejohn kick people to death, that’s completely acceptable and understandable in today’s media environment. But to cover a championship game when the football season has started is just not cricket in our book.”

A spokesperson for SPORTSMAIL was contacted, but all they kept on saying was “Kevin Pietersen” in an exasperated tone, before breaking down and quietly weeping.