Raising Families

In many developing countries today, millions of families are in crisis and really struggling each day to survive.
• 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty on less than 80p a day

• 870 million people go hungry every day

• Farmers cannot afford seed to plant the crops that could feed their families. Others have no land, safe water or the practical skills to lay the foundations to build a secure future for their families

• In 2009, over 31 million children of primary school age in Sub-Saharan Africa were denied the chance of an education

• In 2011, 6.9 million children aged under five died from these preventable diseases – that’s almost 13 children dying needlessly every minute


Raising Families brings hope

Building on over 15 years’ experience of assisting needy families, Samaritan’s Purse is now working through local partners in Central Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa to enable:
• Access to life-saving healthcare, especially for children

• Families to have regular, nutritious meals

• Children to receive an education

• Families to generate regular sources of income and the means to create a safe and loving home

How you can help

Unlike traditional ‘sponsorship’ programmes, Raising Families ensures no long-term dependency on donors; families are taken to a sustainable future within three years.

But there’s more. Donors rightly expect us to make every penny count, to maximise the impact of their giving. So, with Raising Families we have chosen to work through trained volunteers from local churches instead of paid field staff and we have reduced ‘administration’ costs, such as creating profiles, sending photographs and providing regular reports about the individual family. We have also worked with local Churches and communities to contribute their own assets, giving them ownership and dignity and cutting dependence.

This is why we can do all that we do for families for just £10 a month!

Whatever you can afford to give, either through Direct Debit or as a single gift at this time, you can be sure that you are investing in the future of families – whether headed up by a child, a single parent, a Grandparent or a Mum and Dad – and releasing them from the chains of poverty.